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Open Thread: That Was Fun

Brossoit scores his first NHL win, Jordan Eberle gets on the board with four points. Oilers win big. Calgary loses big. Everything is right.

Laurent Brossoit gets his first NHL win against the Flames.
Laurent Brossoit gets his first NHL win against the Flames.
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Oilers are off for three days after laying a 7-3 whoopin' on the Flames in Calgary last night.  It was a very good night.

  • Four points for Jordan Eberle (2-2-4).  I'll bet you a donair that all that talk about getting rid of Jordan Eberle has gone away for a little while.
  • Laurent Brossoit made 38 saves, and he scored his first NHL win.  Double points for it being against the team who drafted it.  On the scale of 1-10 where ten feels like "hands free grilled cheese sandwich", it probably fell in the 9.5 range.  I can say with fair authority that the Flames fans in my feed sure loved it.
  • "It's embarrassing" says Flames coach Glen Gulutzan.  When you lose a game to your provincial rivals by a four goal margin, I could see how that could be embarrassing.  I suppose it could *also* be embarrassing to lose every game against your provincial rival in the season.   Shoe, meet other foot.
Oilers are off until Wednesday.  They look pretty good at third place in the Pacific, nine points ahead of their friends in Calgary.  How's it look down there?