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Sunil joins the AIH 20416 Podcast to talk about the Taylor Hall trade

It's not just us that wants to talk about this.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

As you might have noticed, our writers have had a few things to say on the Taylor Hall/Adam Larsson trade. Some might say we're beating a dead horse, but it being the biggest trade that the team has made in a decade I think it's only reasonable to think that fans (remember, we're fans first and foremost) are going to have a little something to say about it. And it's not just us, other sites on the SB Nation network have gotten in on the fun as well, including the good folks at Arctic Ice Hockey who invited our own Sunil Agnihotri to join them last week for their AIH 20416 Podcast.

The show starts off with Sunil talking Oilers, as every show should, and then they move onto otehr guests to talk about the Canadiens - who I think made a trade last week as well - and Islanders. There is even a little Winnipeg Jets talks as well. If, for some reason, you're into that sort of thing.

Click on one of the links below and give the show a listen.

  1. Visit their page on CyberEars.
  2. Download the .mp3 file directly (right-click link, Save As..., etc etc).
  3. Listen and subscribe on iTunes.