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This Day Is Ours

Do what you do, Edmonton. You got this.

The 2015 NHL Draft Lottery was fun.
The 2015 NHL Draft Lottery was fun.
Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Draft lottery day is here again.  It's become a rite of passage for the Oilers.

The draft is a special time for you and I - a time for us to predict, a time to reflect on the previous turd of a season, and a time for us to once again plan for the next season(s) ahead.  And while 2015's lottery draft was one that we will not soon forget, it's time to get to the business of today.

It's time to do what the Edmonton Oilers do best right now, and that's win.

Oh sure, it's only a draft lottery.  And sure, the team should be mounds better than they are right now.  But it's the last day of April in 2016, and the team is still winning at only a clip of about 30%, and the Oilers have a 13.5% chance of drafting first in June.

You know what that means.

Oh sure, the Oilers *could* end up picking as low as fifth, but this is our Super Bowl.  Our time to shine.  The Oilers pick high every year, fail to address significant offseason needs, and disappoint thoroughly throughout out the year. That's all well and good for the regular season, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we got this.


So rest easy, Oilers fan.  Perhaps this is the year that the Oilers draft high, get serious about the defence, and make something of themselves in the regular season.  Maybe this pick will be packaged in order to accelerate that process.  Maybe someday, we can tell our children, or their children about the wonderful decade we shared together with our local liquor depot.  Maybe.

I do know one thing though.  This day is ours.  Step aside, Toronto.