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Preview: Game 80 Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Flames

Last Battle of Alberta at the Coliseum

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports



32-40-6, 70 points,  .897 p/g- Ranks 30-42-7, 67 points, .848p/g
Pacific Division - 6th Pacific Division - 7th
25th Points / Game 30th
27th Special Teams 20th
21st Shots on Goal 24th
30th Goal 27th
Radio - 630 CHED
Rexall Place
The opposing view:  Matchsticks and Gasoline

Ducks Survive, Top Oilers 2-1

When you lose 49 games in any given season, some of the games end up running into each other.  Anaheim scored a goal in period one, a goal in period two, and Nail Yakupov scored in the third.  Some people cheered, some did not.  It's easy to see why some people did not, as word surfaced that Nail Yakupov's agent Igor Larionov revealed that Yakupov had requested a trade before the deadline.  A muffed offsides call, a bad call on a penalty.  It's hard to win in this league when you score two goals.  It's damn near impossible when you score only one.


The Oilers will host the Calgary Flames for one final time at Rexall Place.  The Battle of Alberta has lost some of its lustre over the past years, what with Edmonton being so poor, and Calgary not being far behind.  The boys will do it one final time before the bright lights of Rogers Place shine.  They gotta win this one, right?

The Oilers are saying

"It's mostly a credit to my teammates."


That's Oilers forward Connor McDavid on winning the NHL's Rookie of the Month award for the third month this year. McDavid cites his teammates as being a big reason for his success.


I've said it at least a dozen or so times this season in one form or another, but can you imagine watching this team without Connor McDavid?  Me neither.  McDavid has won the NHL's Rookie of the Year award every month he's been healthy this year. I'm completely biased, but I don't see how Connor McDavid doesn't get the Calder trophy in a walk.  He's a dominant player in his first year in the league.  He's only going to get better as he progresses.  McDavid cites his teammates as a reason for his success, but everyone knows that he's the brightest star that this team has.

The opponents are saying

"We made some mistakes, and they capitalized."   Source

That's Flames forward Josh Jooris on Calgary's 3-0 loss to the Kings on Thursday.  As difficult as it is to win with two goals, it's damn near fairly impossible to win with 0.

Have some of this

  • The Oilers hosted the Flames at Northlands Coliseum for the first time on October 22, 1980. That night the Oilers beat the Flames by a score of 5-3.
  • Tonight's game will be the 129st game between these two teams in this arena. That includes playoff games. Yes, believe it or not, the Oilers and Flames used to make the playoffs from time to time.
  • The Oilers all time record against the Flames at Northlands Coliseum/Edmonton Coliseum/Skyreach Centre/Rexall Place is 64-49-9-6. The Oilers have outscored the Flames 447 to 406 in those games.
  • The Oilers longest home winning streak against the Flames is four games; they did that on five occasions. From April 22, 1984 to January 31, 1986 the Oilers went nine games without losing to the Flames at home. Two four game winning streaks with a tie in the middle.