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Game Recap: Edmonton Oilers vs Colorado Avalanche -- Oilers Mathematically Eliminated After Loss to Colorado

It's almost like the Oilers didn't even realize it was a must win!!!

Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

When I woke up this morning, I felt pretty good about the Oilers' playoff chances. However, I now realize that I may have been a little unrealistic in my expectations.

The Oilers needed to avoid a regulation loss, then win their seven remaining games, then get a little help (roughly a bizillion things), in order to make the playoffs. To my surprise, they weren't able to do that. Bummer, eh?

The Oilers have now missed the playoffs ten years in a row. The last time they made it was 2006, the year 'Smack That' by Akon was recorded!


The Oilers were outchanced, for the most part in the first period. However, they did manage to have a few grade A scoring chances, that I still can't believe stayed out of the Avs' net. The most shocking of which was an open net opportunity by Darnell Nurse, who managed to shoot the puck off the shaft of Pat Maroons stick. The game remained scoreless through 20 minutes.

The Avalanche scored twice in the second period, with an early goal by Gabriel Landeskog, and a mid-period goal by Tyson Barrie. After 40 minutes, I was finally starting to get nervous about the Oilers' playoff chances.

The third frame featured a bit of push back by the Oilers. Hendricks scored his second goal in the last two games, just before the 17 minute mark. The Avs answered with a power play goal on a redirection by Blake Commeau, halfway through the frame. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins managed to score with seven seconds remaining, but it was too little and far too late. The final score was 3-2 Avs.

Silver Lining

There's still a few weeks to decide which playoff bandwagon we want to jump on. So there's no need to rush our decision.

Stats Central

Iiro Pakarinen was on for ten Oilers shot attempts at even strength, compared to only three for the Avs. That's a Corsi For % of nearly 77%. Not a bad evening in the fancy department.

Corey's Game Puck

According to the eyeballs of this old chunk of coal, Connor McDavid was the best player on the ice tonight. He recorded an assist on Nugent-Hopkins' goal, and should have had at least two more, if not for missed opportunities by Nurse and Maroon earlier in the game. Atta boy, Connor, if they don't give you the Calder, at least you'll have an imaginary game puck from me, a guy you've never met or even heard of. Pretty cool, eh?