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Game Thread: Oilers vs Islanders - A Last Goodbye?

Tonight could be a few players final game as a member of the Oilers.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

What am I looking for from the Oilers tonight? A win would obviously be nice, especially after seven straight losses, but with the Oilers in sell off mode, moving players for magic beans, I mean draft picks, expecting a win is a good way to be let down. Instead I'd just like to see the Oilers play a good game. Something that almost resembles a full 60 minute effort. In other words, I'd like to see the exact opposite of the game that the Oilers played the last time that these two teams faced off.

In that game the Oilers were coming off a very blah performance against the Montreal Canadiens, but in true Oilers fashion they made sure to remind us all that it can always be worse, losing to the Islanders by a score of 8-1. Nothing about that game was good, it required a full team effort to get blown out like that and in a season that's had a lot of low points (I really can't believe that this has been going on for a decade) that game in Brooklyn might be the low point. No point it declaring it the lowest point of the season thought because there are still 19 games to be played though and it can always get worse.

The Oilers traded Anders Nilsson, Justin Schultz, and Teddy Purcell yesterday, bringing back two third round picks, a fifth round pick, and a goalie prospect. Traded a couple days before the deadline we never got a chance to say goodbye to that group. Tonight could be our last chance to see a couple of other Oilers. Rumours are swirling around Nail Yakupov. A guy like Matt Hendricks would have to be appealing to a team looking to make a playoff push. For both this could be their last chance to play in Edmonton as a member of the home team. If they're lucky it will be.