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Oilers 1, Ducks 2.

Big Gulps huh? Well, see ya later!

Miss you Cogs.
Miss you Cogs.
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The Oilers and I both had obligations tonight. They were to play a hockey game, and I was to watch it. In no way could one argue that either of us came through for you, and for my part I apologize. I can’t speak for them though. They probably don’t.


First Period

The first period did happen. I have proof but I’m choosing not to provide you with it at this time. Trust me. Both teams were there and eyewitnesses can confirm that they did indeed play against each other. Nothing of note happened. The Ducks allegedly began to dominate the Oilers pretty quickly in this contest which, to even the most casual observer, should be no surprise. The Ducks are a deeper, more balanced team than the Oilers and fans who did watch were reminded of that early and often. The Oilers were playing their second in as many nights - and they had to travel - but still. They came from L.A. That’s like 10 minutes in a convoy of Uber XLs. Do better.

The score remained level at 0-0 through 20 minutes, but the gap between the teams was obvious, and disconcerting. The Ducks had as many shots on goal as the Oilers did attempts. Yeesh.  It doesn’t matter how many times you see it, but every time the Oilers get beaten on like this it reminds you of just how far they need to go to get good. Maybe they are close, like they’d have you believe. I have my doubts.

Second Period

The second period was similar to the first. The same two teams played. The better team was still the better team, and the other team had to be OK with that. Or, maybe they didn’t have to be. But they were. Neither team could manage a goal though, but the Ducks again dominated the shot share game. In a curious twist, the Oilers managed to outshoot their hosts by a slim margin. Still though, there were no goals. What do you want me to say?

Third Period

The third period began much like the first and second did – in Anaheim. But this period was different. Both teams got on the board. Early. The Ducks’ captain put them in front with a powerplay goal. The lead lasted all of 71 seconds before critically-acclaimed commercial actor Jordan Eberle answered for the weary travelers.

The two teams continued to fight it out, I imagine, with each side generating shots and the like. The Ducks, again, were the far superior team by the numbers in the final frame, with the Oilers finding themselves extremely fortunate that Cam Talbot is pretty good. But as they say – half of something is better than all of nothing, and the Oilers found themselves playing 3-on-3 for the extra point after stealing the first through 60 minutes.


In Overtime, the Oilers lost.

Deep thoughts.

I don’t miss Justin Schultz. Talk amongst yourselves.

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