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Welcome Back, Connor

Oilers score 5 unanswered goals in a 5 - 1 win over the Blue Jackets

Connor McDavid celebrates his return to NHL action
Connor McDavid celebrates his return to NHL action
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

I know I’ve used this one before but tonight it just seemed fitting.


The Good

Usually I wait until the end of the game to decide the good, bad and ugly but I had to write about this earlier because it was nice to watch. The first period, although the Oilers ended it down 1 - 0, was probably the best period I’ve watched the Oilers play all season. Right before the Blue Jackets scored, the Oilers had out shot them 10 - 1. The Oilers’ power play was a thing of beauty with Connor McDavid driving most of the play. With the exception of a bad pinch by Darnell Nurse that lead to a 2 on 1 against the newly acquired Adam Clendening, the Oilers played an almost perfect first period.

The Bad

The worst part of the night as I mentioned above was Nurse pinching in on the play and trying to shoot the puck through a few Blue Jackets’ players. Nurse should have tried to put the puck in deep behind the net and got into possition. Instead the puck bounced out to Scott Hartnell and lead to a 2 on 1 and an eventual goal against.

The Ugly

This honour belongs to Jack Johnson and Justin Falk after McDavid completely undressed them and scored what is easily the nicest goal of the Oilers’ season. Let’s watch that again.

Up Next

The Oilers head out on the road for a 4 game road trip. Their first stop is in Ottawa on Thursday at 5:30PM MST. I’ll have to PVR the first bit but that’s ok because I’ll get to miss a lot of the intermission BS from the SportsNet crew. See you then.