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The Week Ahead for the Edmonton Oilers - October 23 to 29

A quick look at the match-ups the lie ahead for the Oilers this week.

Jason Halstead/Getty Images

So far so good for the Oilers. They haven't all been masterpieces, and the team is clearly still a work in progress, but the team is winning more games than they're losing right now, and for Oilers fans that's cause for celebration. Even if it is only the third week of the season. This week the Oilers will look to keep the good times going starting with the Hertigae Classic in Winnipeg, before returning home to take on the Capitals, and then visiting the Canucks to wrap up the week.

Game 6 - Edmonton Oilers at Winnipeg Jets

Oilers Record: 4-1-0
Last 10: N/A
Jets Record: 2-2-0
Last 10: N/A

Oilers All-Time Record vs Winnipeg/Atlanta: 11-5-1-5
Goals For/Against: 71/54
Oilers All-Time Record vs Jets (including WHA): 123-94-11-4
Goals For/Against: 992/879
Oilers Record Last Season vs Winnipeg: 2-0-1
Goals For/Against: 6/3
Streak: Oilers won the last game

Puck Drop: 1:00PM MST
Television: Sportsnet
The Opposing View: Arctic Ice Hockey | Twitter: @arcticicehockey

13 years after playing in the first Heritage Classic, and introducing the NHL to a golden goose which the league is determined to kill, the Oilers visit Winnipeg to play the Jets in their first outdoor game. The Oilers were the logical team for the Jets to host in this game as the two cities have a long history with each other, and both were original members of the WHA in 1972. But those Jets aren't these Jets. Those Jets now play in Arizona, and these Jets are really the Thrashers, but that's an issue for another day, today let's just enjoy an outdoor hockey game.

Game 7 - Edmonton Oilers versus Washington Capitals

Oilers Record: 4-1-0
Last 10: N/A
Capitals Record: 3-1-1
Last 10: N/A

Oilers All-Time Record vs Washington: 29-34-6-1
Goals For/Against: 244/247
Oilers Record Last Season vs Washington: 0-2-0
Goals For/Against: 4/8
Streak: Capitals have won the last two

Puck Drop: 7:30PM MST
Television: Sportsnet 360
The Opposing View: Japers' Rink | Twitter: @JapersRink

Will this finally be the Capitals' year? The year when all the pieces on an obviously talented team come together and they win it all, or at least advance past the second round of the playoffs? I really like Alexander Ovechkin so I sort of hope so, I also hope that the Oilers someday have problems like this. Being a playoff disappointment has to be better than being a regular season disappointment.

Game 8 - Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks

Oilers Record: 4-1-0
Last 10: N/A
Canucks Record: 4-0-1
Last 10: N/A

Oilers All-Time Record vs Vancouver: 122-85-19-14
Goals For/Against: 882/774
Oilers Record Last Season vs Vancouver: 3-0-2
Goals For/Against: 14/8
Streak: Vancouver won the last game in a shootout

Puck Drop: 8:00PM MST
Television: Sportsnet 360
The Opposing View: Nucks Misconduct | Twitter: @nucksmisconduct

People around the NHL are likely more than a little surprised that the Oilers have started the season with four wins in five games, and those same people are likely stunned that the Canucks have matched that win total and have a loser point as well. Nine points in five games from a team picked by many to finish last in the Pacific Division and possibly challenge for the league's worth overall record.