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Oilers Score Four Goals, Lose 3 - 2 to Tampa Bay

The hockey gods frown on the Oilers and give the bounces to the Tampa Bay Lightning

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite dominating most of the game the Oilers scored 2, yes 2 own goals and lost the game in regulation 3 - 2.


A Quick Review

Cam Talbot played another good game. His biggest downfall was his own team mates that allowed the Lightning to score in the third period and then push/bounce 2 more goals into their own net. Up until the 3 minute mark of the third period Cam Talbot had allowed 0 goals in almost 116 minutes of hockey. Then the hockey gods took over. Nikita Kucherov scored at the 3:01 mark of the third then Taylor Hall, who was a force most of the night, scored for the Lightning when he deflected a pass from Victor Hedman right past Talbot. Then just over a minute later Darnell Nurse’s skate was hit with a pass from Steven Stamkos which put the lightning up 3 - 2. Talbot had no chance on the last two goals because of the way they were scored.

There were a few times when the Oilers could’ve put this game away but were unable to. At the end of the first Hedman stopped a sure goal by sliding across the crease, blocking the shot, while Ben Bishop grabbed the puck out of the air blindly.

This game was the hockey gods righting many of the wrongs that the Oilers have "won" in the past. It was like watching a car crash is slow motion, you could see it was coming and there was absolutely nothing you could do to stop it. The Oilers played a good game and for the second game in row did not allow a goal against in the second period which is a true accomplishment for the team.

The other big win was that the Oilers did not allow a goal against them while short handed and they also scored on the power play. This is one of those moral victories where the team should’ve won but just got really bad bounces and had bad luck.

Up Next

The Oilers close out this home stand with the "hottest" team in the NHL visiting. The Florida Panthers will be in town on Sunday. The game starts at 19:30 MST and will be a real test to see how the Oilers respond after this disappointing loss today.