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10 Justin Schultz stats that will blow your mind

bituman digs-around the Corsiverse leaving no rock unturned to uncover some delicious Justin Schultz stats for you to share around the Keurig.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

1. Since joining the NHL in 2012 Justin Schultz has been the most-watched Oilers' skater seeing 5089:23 minutes of ice time. This makes him the 36th most watched skater in the league. The second most watched Oilers' skater has been Ryan Nugent-Hopkins with 4719:50 minutes. Schultz has played 370 more minutes or 6.16 more entire games than RNH since 2012 and has received minutes similar to Mark Giordano (5137:40) and Francois Beauchemin (5132:00).

2. Schultz has been on-ice for 246 goals against during his NHL career. This ranks him 27th for goals against (defenders) over the same period and places him in the company of Andrei Markov (246), Victor Hedman (246), P.K. Subban (244), and Dustin Byfuglien (247). Unlike those players Schultz doesn't have a positive goal differential, with +/- of -10. During this same period P.K. Subban has had a +/- of +126.

3. Over the past four seasons Schultz has seen 680:27 minutes on the power play, ranking him 19th in the league. He has had more power play minutes than Kris Letang (674:48). On the power play he's scored 5 times ranking him 61st. This translates into 0.44 goals per hour, 122nd for defenders. His power play shooting percentage is 5.21% ranking him 116th.

4. During his career Schultz has played 91.89 minutes with the goalie pulled, fourth in the league over that period. With the goalie pulled Schultz has been on-ice for 1.61 points per hour, ranking him 142nd for defenders.

5. Schultz has been on ice for 1091 High-Danger Scoring Chances against, more than any other Oilers defender since 2012. Second to Schultz is Jeff Petry with 910 High-Danger Scoring Chances against.

6. Schultz has been hit 375 times during the course of his play with Edmonton. That's 103 times more than Jeff Petry. During this time Schultz has hit players 106 times, giving him +/- hit differential of -269, by far worst on the Oilers and 12th worst in the league over this period.

7. Schultz has taken 21 penalties in his career. For defenders who have played more than 5000 minutes over the past four seasons that's by far the fewest number of penalties. Normally we might cheer a player for such a feat. In the case of Schultz, however, well...

8. Schultz leads Oilers defenders over the past four seasons in giveaways with 188. That translates to 2.2 giveaways per hour.

9. Since 2012 Schultz has received 45.65% of the Oilers' offensive zone starts. That's 2017 of them. During the same period RNH received 1874.

10. This season the Edmonton Oilers have scored 16 times while Schultz has been on the ice for 504 minutes. This translates to 1.91 goals per hour, the second-worst rate on the team for defenders who've played more than 200 minutes. It also translates into a goals-for percentage of 41, also the second-worst. During 603 minutes of play Eric Gryba has been on the ice for 22 goals, translating into 2.19 goals per hour and a goals-for percentage of 43.