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Hall Going to All-Star Weekend

There were no surprises for Oilers fans with the NHL's announcement of Hall's participation in All Star Weekend.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

In news that's not terribly surprising, Taylor Hall has been named to the NHL All-Star Tournament. Hall has been the most consistent offensive threat on the Oilers collecting 41 points in 41 games.  From the Oilers Hall seems like the stand out choice as he sits in a tie for 5th in the NHL scoring race. His position is recorded as sixth by the NHL as he has scored fewer goals than Vladimir Tarasenko.

With a new format seeing forty players attending the All Star Event, Taylor Hall makes the most sense to be selected as an representative of the Oilers. He's the Oiler with the most points. Beyond that, there are no players in the Pacific Division with more points than Hall. Hall is also suited to the open ice of the 3v3 style of this tournament as his speed and predilection for turning himself into a human cannon ball have looked particularly promising over the course of the Oilers season.

While several have been left off the ALL Star roster, one player from each team has been included. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Taylor Hall has been the most consistent and productive Oiler throughout the first half of the season and because of this is the most logical choice.