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Game Thread: Oilers at Tampa Bay - Looking for a Sunshine State Sweep

After a win against the Panthers the Oilers go looking for another against the Lightning.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

When the Oilers and Lightning met a week and a half ago in Edmonton, the home team almost won. For those who might have forgotten, the Oilers scored all five goals in the game and lost 3-2. We've seen a lot of bizarre things in these parts over the last decade, that might have been the craziest. Anyway, if they played the Lightning that close just over a week ago then obviously they've got a chance tonight, right?

Technically, yes. Realistically, no. Having beaten the Florida Panthers last night, the Oilers find themselves playing the second of back-to-back games this evening. And because that's not tough enough, to up the degree of difficulty a lot, they'll be doing so with centre depth that would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Matt Hendricks, who does a lot of things well but really shouldn't play above the third line, is centering the team's second line tonight. That's not really a recipe for success.

Anything is possible though, that's why they play the games. But there's a reason that I stopped by a liquor store to pick up a couple beers - Philip's Bottle Rocket ISA and Alley Kat's Blue Dragon - before heading home.