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Oilers sign Cam Talbot to 3 year $12.5m Deal

We swear guys, this time we've got our goalie!

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers and Talbot have agreed to a 3 year, $12.5m contract (AAV, 4.167m), with a limited NTC. This was the kind of deal everyone kind of expected ever since Talbot was acquired in the summer. It was either going to be a signing like this, or the Oilers were going to be looking for yet another goaltender this offseason.

In terms of value, Talbot now becomes the 23rd highest paid goaltender in the league. The Oilers aren't paying premium money here, so it's a good start. He slots in around guys like Craig Anderson and Devan Dubnyk and is near the bottom of the starting goalie list.

Talbot had a very rocky start to his Oilers career, getting shelled in both October (.897 sv%) and November (.864 sv%) and lost his starting job to Anders Nilsson. Despite that awful start, he's pulled his overall save percentage up close to league average thanks to a pair of stellar months in December (.934) and November (.942).

Past history with the Oilers suggests that they might have a bit of tunnel vision here, but the fact of the matter is while he's been good the past couple of months, they didn't rip open the bank to sign him. He's one of the lowest paid starting goalies in the league. His history is relatively short, but for most of it he's proven to be an excellent goaltender.

This isn't a horrible risk and something is bound to go right with this organization and goaltenders....