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Oilers 3 - Coyotes 4 (OT): Game Recap - Once Again

Oilers lose 4-3 in OT and on the PK to the Coyotes

Max Domi scores one of his 3 goals
Max Domi scores one of his 3 goals
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Once again I’m writing about a game that the Oilers should’ve won but didn’t. This is now the third game in a row that the Oilers were the better team and lost by one goal. The only consolation I can take away from this game was at least they got a point out of it.


The Good

The line for Jordan Eberle, Leon Draisaitl and Benoit Pouliot played great. Each of those players got at least a point in the game and all of them dominated their competition with a CF% of greater than 60% each. For those of us lucky enough to watch the SportsNet brodcast we heard that Draisaitl scored his first goal in 14 games (over and over and over again), Eberle had a 3 point night and Pouliot scored as well.

The Bad

Max Domi’s second goal. Not that Domi was bad but the comedey of errors that preceded it. First Justin Schultz got completely owned by Oliver Ekman-Larsson when he tried to get his stick on the puck. Then OEL’s shot hit Anders Nilsson on the pad but Nilsson had no idea that the puck was right infront of him. Finally Anthony Duclair grabbed the loose puck and passed to Domi who had a wide open net to score on. It was ugly but not ugly enough…

The Ugly

The penalty kill! Every single goal scored by the Coyotes was on the power play or within a second of one. Edmonton had 4 penalties and sure as sh*t the Coyotes scored on every single one of them. The Oilers PK really looked horrible or maybe it’s just that the Coyotes have a really stong power play at home.

Up Next

Like I mentioned the other day, the Oilers are heading to San Jose and will face off against the Sharks on Thursday. The game is a late one and doesn’t start until 8:30 MT. See you then.