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Matt Hendricks Suspended For Three Games

The NHL's Department of Player Safety has spoken, Matt Hendricks has been suspended for three games.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

For his hit on Aaron Ekblad on Sunday night, Oilers forward Matt Hendricks has been suspended for three games. At the time I thought the hit was worth a game or two, and after it was announced that he'd be getting a call from the league, I watched the hit a couple more time and still thought the same thing. Having now watched the NHL's suspension I'm honestly fine with three games. Hendircks says that the hit wasn't retaliation for Erik Gudbranson's hit on Taylor Hall and I believe him, but as the NHL clearly shows this is a reckless play by Hendricks and one that is deserving of a suspension.

As reported by the NHL, Hendricks will forfeit $29,838.72 of his salary as well.