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The New Years Eve - Classic Loss

The Oilers lose in a 1 - 0 snoozer to the Ducks

Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Before I begin allow me to apologize for the tardiness of this post. I watched the game in full but had no place to actually write it up so it had to wait until the morning.

The last game against the Kings, the Oilers came out swinging but were unable to solve Quick. Yesterday’s game against the Ducks was quite the opposite. The Oilers were flat and couldn’t break the trap of the Ducks and it pretty much continued for the rest of the game.


In Net

Cam Talbot had a bounce back game after being yanked in the game against the Kings. He appeared focused and determined. He faced 35 shots and turned away 34 of them. The goal allowed was barely Talbot’s fault and more of a reflection of a bad end to a power play.

Up Front

Once again Taylor Hall led the way for the forwards. He had 4 shots and played a nearly 50% corsi game. Meanwhile Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Jordan Eberle also had decent games.

The Back End

I was nice to see Brandon Davidson draw back into the line up and once again he played the way we’ve come to expect him to play this season. Surprisingly Brad Hunt also had a good game. He didn’t make any major bone-head moves and was able to move the puck nicely.

The Rest

Overall there weren’t many glaring mistakes. The Oilers just got out played by a veteran team that sticks to their system. Sure it’s boring hockey but Anaheim needs wins and if this is the only way to get them then that is what they will do.

Up Next

The Oilers are back on the ice tomorrow to face off against the Arizona Coyotes. Once again its another divisional game and once again if the Oilers don’t want to crash and burn they’ll have to win this one. Don’t forget it’s an early game the game starts at 2PM MT on Saturday. See you then.