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No Moroz, No McDavid, No Problem

Despite losing ground early on in the game the Oilers rookies come back to beat the Flames rookies 6-3

Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports


The Good

The pairing for Darnell Nurse and Joey Laleggia is nice to watch. They are both get involved down low when need be but also play a rather sound defensive game.

Once again Braden Christoffer had a nice with 2 pts including the game tying goal. The other player that I really noticed was Kyle Winquist who had put the Oilers on the board early in the second and pushed throughout the night.

The Bad

The praise for Nurse in his on ice game stops when it comes to dumb penalties that same sentiment also goes for Greg Chase. Both players took stupid penalties that could've cost the Oilers the game.

The Ugly

I get that this is a rookie tournament and I shouldn't expect NHL level plays but the first few times that the Oilers had power plays I felt like I was watching a novice game. The Flames dominated them controlling the play a lot of times and getting some nice short handed oppertunities.


  1. Kyle Winquist - Winquist had a great night, when he was on the ice you knew it.
  2. Joey Laleggia - The other part of the top pairing was nice to watch and he really seems to have a good grasp on positioning
  3. Braden Christoffer - Once again this guy impressed. If he keeps it up maybe the Oilers will offer him a contract like they did Vladimir Tkachev (I joke of course)

Up Next

Monday at 12:30PM MST the Oilers take on the Winnipeg Jets to finish off the tournament.