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Two Connors and Six Others

Hockey is back and even though these games mean absolutely nothing it is nice to watch the Canucks get destroyed 8 - 2.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

The anticipation of Connor McDavid playing his first game as an Oiler was almost too much to handle. No matter where you turned someone was talking about it. Flights to Penticton were full, the highway to the city were packed with automobiles and the seats in the Pentiction arena were sold out. Everyone wanted to see Connor McDavid.


The Good

This was one of the most full team efforts I’ve seen from the Oilers in a long time. Every line contributed and many surprised us.

  • Braden Christoffer - Scored the first goal of the game and made a nice play doing it
  • Josh Winquist - Got a nice pass from Leon Draisaitl to put the Oilers up 2 - 0
  • Connor Rankin - Made a nice play when the Canucks coughed up the puck to put the Oilers up 4 - 1

The efforts made by Christoffer and Rankin really made some people turn their heads. Both played very good games and had a couple more chances throughout the game.

The Bad

This single Tweet sums it up.

During the first intermission the feed dropped and caused panic in all fans trying to watch the game.

The Ugly

We all waited for it and when it finally happened it wasn’t beautiful, in fact it was pretty ugly. Over his career McDavid is going to score some highlight reel goals, tonight’s goal was not one of them. McDavid didn’t get everything he wanted on the shot, it then hit Guillaume Brisebois’ skate and bounced its way into the net.

The Stupid

Early on in the first period Virtanen made a clean hit on McDavid and everyone went nuts about it. The SportsNet crew went on about for almost 5 minutes and Twitter went crazy. It also lead to the first penalty of the game when Moroz tried to "stand up" for McDavid. It was a clean hit enough said. No need to freak out.

The Stars

As much as I was joking about the 3rd and 4th lines for this game, I have to hand it to them. While the Canucks were focused on McDavid and Draisaitl the bottom 6 really came through for the team, scoring 3 of the 8 goals.

Three Stars

  1. Leon Draisaitl
  2. Connor Rankin
  3. Braden Christoffer

Up Next

The Oilers take on the Flames at 8:30PM MST tomorrow in Penticton. Same bat time same bat station.