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Copper & Blue Housekeeping: More New Faces

The Copper & Blue's evolution continues...

Behind the scenes at the Copper & Blue, which is really just an email group, it's been a busy summer. First, I took the wheel when Derek stepped down and then Sunil was brought on board because, well, he's smarter than me and having him around makes me look smarter by association. But we didn't stop there, in fact we've recently added four more names to our masthead, some of whom you're likely already familiar with and a couple that you might not be.

From the familiar group we've added flarwick (@therealfoz on Twitter) and bituman (smart enough to stay off of Twitter). They've posted a number of FanPosts here in the past and I'm sure you read them all, if not you really should or maybe just read them again. They'll both be helping out with our coverage of the Oilers when there is actually something to cover. Some of it with a statistical flair as well so get ready for that.

For non Oilers related things - yes, there are non Oiler related things in this world - we've brought in Shona (@sdh0809) who will be doing some prospect profiles, similar to her Griffin Reinhart post from last week, as well as giving me a hand with some Golden Bears coverage. And lastly there is vapuckhead who used to write at Anaheim Calling but now calls the Copper & Blue home since the Norfolk Admirals are now the ECHL affiliate of the Oilers; keep an eye out for things from him on Sundays this season and follow him on Twitter at @VAPuckHead.

Welcome to all.