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Oilers Release New Jersey Numbers: A Brief History

Get your wallet's ready folks!

Like every year, the new players acquired by their team has an opportunity to pick their number. Players currently on the roster, and more often young players, have a chance to change their number from the one assigned upon first arrival to the big leagues. None the less, the Oilers released their new player number today.

Notably, the Swedish Chef changed his number from 84, to 77. So it sucks if you had an 84 jersey before today. Given the new numbers, let's take a look at some of the guys who donned the numbers before them.

All jersey number information c/o Hockey Reference.

Number 2

In the past, some of the notable Oilers to wear number 2 were Lee Fogolin (1980 - 1987), Chris Joseph (1988 - 1994), Igor Ulanov (2000), Matt Greene (2006 - 2008) and most recently, Jeff Petry. Fogolin was the first Oiler to ever don number 2.

Number 8

The list of Oilers who wore number 8 is large, but few of them stuck around Edmonton for more than a few years. Risto Siltanen was the first Oilers to wear 8 between 1980 and 1982. Some of the other Oilers to wear it were Dave Lumley (1985 - 1986), Zdeno Ciger (1993 - 1996), Ray Whitney (1998), Frantisek Musil (1998 - 2001) and most recently, Dean Arsene wore 8 in 2010.

Number 33

Like number 8, the Oilers have a long list of players wearing 33, but few are very notable. Bob Dupuis, John Bednarski and Bryon Baltimore were the three first Oilers to wear 33, all in 1980. Marty McSorley (1986 - 1999), Pokey Reddick (1990 - 1991), Dick Tarnstrom (2006) and Steve MacIntyre (2009 - 2011) were some other notable Oilers to wear it. Colten Teubert was the last to wear 33 in 2012.

Number 55

In 1997, Drew Bannister wore number 55 for the first time in Oilers history. He only was around until 1998, but it didn't take long for Igor Ulanov to stanch it up while he was in Edmonton between the years 2000 and 2006. Most recently, Ben Eager wore 55 between 2012 and 2014.

Number 62

62 has a brief history in Edmonton. It was first worn by Tim Sestito in 2009, then by Mark Acrobello in 2013 and finally Iiro Pakarinen last season. Gryba has a chance to be the most impactful Oiler to wear 62.

Number 77

The year was 1981. Garry Unger was winding down his his 19-year career and was the first Edmonton Oilers to wear number 77. He eventually retired from the Oilers in 1983. Since then, three other Oilers have worn 77: Adam Oates (2004), Tom Gilbert (2007 - 2012) and most recently, Anton Belov (2014). Klefbom has the chance to be a major part of this team moving forward, and let's hope the jersey change from 84 will help facilitate that.