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Out with the Old

Keith Acton and Craig Ramsay Released

Keith Acton was released by the Oilers earlier today
Keith Acton was released by the Oilers earlier today
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Todd McLellan has decided to put his stamp on this team early on. Only 17 days into his tenure as head coach of the Edmonton Oilers it was announced that both Keith Acton and Craig Ramsay will not be returning to the team next season.

This is a big shift in philosophy for the Oilers; both Acton and Ramsay were hired by Dallas Eakins and both remained on staff after Eakins was terminated. Under previous general managers when a new coach was hired it was almost considered a gimme that he'd be required to keep on the old staff for at least a season. This shift is definitely a good thing for the Oilers.

Nothing was mentioned about Todd Nelson nor Rocky Thompson. Both are still under contract to the Oilers for next season but don’t expect to hear anything about either until the final coaching staff decisions are completed.

Ladies and Gentlemen Your New Edmonton Oilers!