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The Oilers give 3rd round pick to San Jose as McLellan compensation

As a part of the compensation for our new Head Coach Todd McLellan, the Oilers have opted to give San Jose our 3rd round pick in this years draft.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

16 hours post McDavid, the Oilers have made a fury of moves acquiring former Edmonton Oil King D Griffin Reinhart and now acquiring New York Rangers G Cam Talbot. The Oilers used a first (No. 16) and a second (No. 33) to acquire Reinhart, and the Oilers 2nd round (No. 57), 3rd round (No. 79) and 7th round picks (No. 184).

The Edmonton Oilers have now given up their 3rd round pick to San Jose.

In the remaining round of the draft, the Oilers have four draft choices:

  • Round 4, 117th overall (from MTL)
  • Round 5, 124th overall
  • Round 6, 154th overall
  • Round 7, 209th overall (from NYR)
Pour a coffee folks, we could be waiting for a while.