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Email From Katz To Oilers Season Ticket Holders

From the owner to season ticket holders.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Almost as soon as the Oilers made it official that they were drafting Connor McDavid an email from Daryl Katz and the Edmonton Oilers hit the inboxes of season ticket holders; you can find a screenshot below. It's pretty standard stuff, we're excited about the future and all that, but there is also talk about the WHA and the farewell season at Rexall Place (I'll admit I'm torn about this), and then the rather surprising note that I will not have to purchase one of those gorgeous orange jerseys for myself, the Oilers are going to give me one.

It might not make up for nine season without playoff hockey but it's a very nice gesture nonetheless, and something I would never expect from any professional sports team.

So thank you, Oilers.