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2015-16 Regular Season Schedule Released

Oilers begin regular season play on Thursady, October 8th in St. Louis. As is tradition, they'll play an additional 81 games throughout the year.

Nuge is ready for action.
Nuge is ready for action.
Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL released the 2015-16 regular season schedule today, and there are only 104 more days until the Oilers take the ice.  Edmonton opens their final season of play at Rexall Place on October 15th, and they'll conclude it with a majestic playoff run into the summer.  At least, that's how I have it written down on my cue cards.

Some highlights for you:

October 8 - Edmonton @ St. Louis (first game of the year)

October 10 - Edmonton @ Nashville (first HNIC Oilers broadcast.  The Oilers appear 17 times on Hockey Night in 2015-16)

October 15 - St. Louis @ Edmonton (last home opener at  Rexall)

December 6 - Sabres @ Oilers (Second overall pick vs. first overall pick hoopla)

February 11 to February 23 - Six game homestand, longest of the year.

April 9 - Canucks @ Oilers (Last regular season game at Rexall Place)

Matinee games:

January 2nd - Coyotes @ Oilers (2:00 PM)

February 6th - Oilers @ Canadiens (12:00 PM)

February 7th - Oilers @ Islanders (12:30 PM)


The Oilers will meet Calgary five times in 2015-16.

October 17th @ Calgary

October 31st Home

December 27th @ Calgary

January 16th Home

April 2nd Home

The entire schedule is available here.