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Is Cam Talbot too rich for the Oilers blood?

According to Darren Dreger, an unknown team offered two second round picks for Talbot and that didn't seal the deal.

Derek Leung/Getty Images

It is quite apparent that one of the goals of the Edmonton Oilers this offseason is to provide an real upgrade in the net for the first time in too long.

With the news today that two second round picks wasn't enough to acquire the New York Rangers backup goaltender makes me wonder if it is even worth it to trade for a goaltender like Talbot. At the end of the day, the last thing that the Oilers should be doing is trading the 16th overall pick for a goalie, unless you are making a package deal and bringing in a very high level goaltender.

The options the Oilers have at 16th overall are vast, and the team is in an ideal position to be buyers this offseason, Peter Chiarelli even said it himself yesterday. Should the Oilers keep the pick, a variety of players like Evgeni Svechnikov, Jakub Zboril and Jeremy Roy could be available for drafting.

The market is very open right now. Players like Eddie Lack, who was rumoured to be able to be acquired for a 2nd round pick, Karri Ramo (UFA) and Antti Niemi (UFA) are all viable options for the Edmonton Oilers to acquire over the next week.

Looking at some of the comparables, two seconds really isn't far off course for what a potential value could be for a Cam Talbot. However at the end of the day, people are calling this one of the deepest drafts in NHL history, and certainly the deepest since the legendary 2003 draft class. If the Oilers are offering two seconds this year that could be a mistake.

In that 2003 draft, players taken in the 2nd round included Patrice Bergeron (45th overall, Boston), Shea Weber (49th overall, Nashville), Corey Crawford (52nd overall, Chicago), David Backes (62nd overall, St. Louis) and Jimmy Howard (64th overall, Detroit).

If the Oilers were to grab a guy and allow him to develop into a player of any of the listed calibre, then we are in a good position moving forward.

C&B Writer Alan Hull proposed a scenario to me today that suggested Cam Talbot for 33rd overall and Scrivens at 50% salary.

This provides Edmonton with what is believed to be a capable starter moving forward, and the Rangers are able to still get a good draft selection as well as a backup for the King.

None the less, the Oilers need to do what they can to hold onto that 16th overall selection.