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Oilers Fire Four Members of Scouting Staff

Stu MacGregor, along with two amateur scouts and one pro scout, have been fired by the new regime.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Bob McKenzie broke the news late this evening that the Edmonton Oilers have fired Stu MacGregor, the team's Head Amateur Scout since 2007, as well as three other members of the scouting staff. This is both a timely and surprising move as the 2015 NHL Entry Draft is set to take place this upcoming Friday, June 26th.

While a string of top-ten picks have seen NHL action during his tenure, MacGregor's track record outside of the first round was spotty at best, with second round picks like David Musil, Mitch Moroz, and Curtis Hamilton struggling to establish themselves at the professional level.

Along with MacGregor, Head Pro Scout Morey Gare was let go after years of struggling to identify established talent via trade and free agency.

Both individuals have been with the organization for over ten years, and both have had their share of gaffs while at the helm of their respective departments.

It remains to be seen whether or not the organization will bring in fresh bodies before the draft takes place on Friday evening. It also makes one wonder what kinds of polarizing conversations have been going on in the weeks leading up the the entry draft. It's hard to believe that the MCDavid pick at first overall is anything but a lock, but perhaps there have been some dissenting views regarding the 16th, 33rd, and 57th picks, as well as the other selections the Oilers hold heading into the draft.

We'll have to wait and see how things settle in the Oilers scouting department in the coming weeks, but one thing remains clear as crystal in the se strange days: the times, they are a-changin' in Oil Country.