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Talbot Trade Talks Heating Up

TSN's Darren Dreger is reporting that the Edmonton Oilers are in hot pursuit of Rangers goaltender Cam Talbot.

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It sounds like trade talks surrounding the New York Rangers standout backup Cam Talbot are heating up today, and the Edmonton Oilers are getting a lot of mentions in this regard.

At 27 years of age and standing at six-foot-three, Cam Talbot posted a save percentage of 0.926 in 36 regular season games in 2014-2015, doing a fine job of filling in for the injured Henrik Lundqvist. In 2013-2014, he managed an impressive save percentage of 0.941 in a small sample of 21 games.

Nobody has covered Talbot's success as well as Oilogosphere icon Woodguy did on his blog. In summary:

By a few different SV% metrics Talbot's peers appear to be Price, Quick, Holtby, and Rask. Pretty high end company to keep.


The high end of goalies achieving the "Talbot Criteria" once at 27 or lower is Price, Bobrovsky and the low end is Halak and *maybe* Dubnyk (is a Vezina finalist low end?)


There are three posts in the series and you can view them at the following links:

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Earlier in the week it was suggested that the Oilers might be willing to offer the 16th overall pick for a goaltender, but that has now shifted to what sounds like the 33rd overall as well as another asset. I'm more or less opposed to trading the 16th overall pick in this year's draft for a goaltender, as I believe that pick represents a 6-10 overall in an average draft year, and trading two second rounders is still a steep price to pay. But if Woodguy's analysis is any indication of the goaltender Talbot can be as a consistent starter, then maybe neither offer is an overpayment?

One thing we all know to be true: Goalies are voodoo. Best Chiarelli exercises cautious aggression as he pursues a starter to solve Edmonton's crease problems.