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2016 Stanley Cup Odds

Because it's never too early to think about next season.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Almost as soon as the buzzer sounded and the Chicago Blackhawks were officially the 2015 Stanley Cup Champions thoughts shifted to next season. Some wondered how would the Hawks reshape their roster with $21M now committed to two players. Being Oilers fans we thought about the draft and joked that the Oilers are now on the clock. And Bovoda set some early odds for the next Stanley Cup Champion. And for once you don't have to look to the bottom to find the Oilers.

Chicago Blackhawks 7/1
New York Rangers 8/1
Anaheim Ducks 10/1
St. Louis Blues 12/1
Tampa Bay Lightning 12/1
Los Angeles Kings 14/1
Minnesota Wild 14/1
Montreal Canadiens 14/1
Pittsburgh Penguins 14/1
Boston Bruins 16/1
Nashville Predators 16/1
Washington Capitals 18/1
New York Islanders 22/1
Winnipeg Jets 25/1
Columbus Blue Jackets 33/1
Detroit Red Wings 33/1
Edmonton Oilers 33/1
Calgary Flames 40/1
San Jose Sharks 40/1
Vancouver Canucks 40/1
Ottawa Senators 50/1
Colorado Avalanche 66/1
Dallas Stars 66/1
New Jersey Devils 66/1
Philadelphia Flyers 66/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 66/1
Florida Panthers 75/1
Buffalo Sabres 100/1
Carolina Hurricanes 100/1
Arizona Coyotes 100/1

And here are the same odds broken down by division. Again, look at where the Oilers are. I haven't seen anything like that in a while.

Pacific Central Metropolitan Atlantic
Anaheim Ducks 10/1 Chicago Blackhawks 7/1 New York Rangers 8/1 Tampa Bay Lightning 12/1
Los Angeles Kings 14/1 St. Louis Blues 12/1 Pittsburgh Penguins 14/1 Montreal Canadiens 14/1
Edmonton Oilers 33/1 Minnesota Wild 14/1 Washington Capitals 18/1 Boston Bruins 16/1
Calgary Flames 40/1 Nashville Predators 16/1 New York Islanders 22/1 Detroit Red Wings 33/1
San Jose Sharks 40/1 Winnipeg Jets 25/1 Columbus Blue Jackets 33/1 Ottawa Senators 50/1
Vancouver Canucks 40/1 Colorado Avalanche 66/1 New Jersey Devils 66/1 Toronto Maple Leafs 66/1
Arizona Coyotes 100/1 Dallas Stars 66/1 Philadelphia Flyers 66/1 Florida Panthers 75/1
Carolina Hurricanes 100/1 Buffalo Sabres 100/1

Some quick thoughts:

  • The McDavid effect seems pretty substantial here. The two teams that finished below the Oilers in the standings last season still find themselves 100/1 long shots but the Oilers now find themselves right in the middle of the league. For that to happen they're going to have to do a lot more than draft McDavid.
  • I sure wouldn't put money on Chicago to repeat, and not just because there hasn't been a repeat winner since the Red Wings in 1997 and 1998. Three Stanley Cups in six years is remarkable but the reality is right now there are probably more questions than answers about next year's Hawks team. How do they address their RFAs? With 30% of their cap space going to two players how do they make room for the ones that they do keep? Does playing 100 playoff games over the last six years catch up to them like it did the Kings this season?
  • Now if someone gave me money (no way I'm using my own on a bet like this) I'd probably put it on the Canadiens. They've got a good team with some excellent pieces - P.K. Subban and Carey Price to name two - already in place, and it's hardly a stretch to envision them being a final four team next season. At 14/1 that's not all bad, if it's someone else's money.