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Introducing Sunil Agnihotri

The Copper & Blue welcomes it's newest columnist.

Over the coming months I’m hoping to see this site start to have more of a numbers specific focus once again. I can’t tell you exactly why the stats driven work dried up, for me personally it had something to do with the numbers, and the Oilers, being consistently depressing, and after nine seasons finding new ways to demonstrate how they suck starts to lose it appeal. But as we start to envision a world where the Oilers might actually be competitive I think it’s time that we revive that aspect of this site. And so with an eye towards that I’d like to welcome Sunil Agnihotri to the Copper & Blue.

Of course this introduction post is a couple of days late since Sunil has already posted his first story (he’s more on the ball than I am, sorry), looking at the Oilers’ development and deployment of Martin Marincin. If you enjoyed that post you can expect more of this type of work from Sunil every couple of weeks, and he’ll also continue to post some of his work on his own site - - so you keep an eye out for him there as well. And be sure to follow Sunil on Twitter at @sunilagni.

Please join me in welcoming Sunil Agnihotri to the fold.