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Commemorating the Golden Ticket: Good Idea or Bad?

The Oilers season ticket renewal package. Good idea? Tone deaf? Masterful job of trolling?


I haven't seen my Oilers season ticket renewal package yet, I even checked the mail last night in search of it, but thanks to the wonder that is Twitter there will be no surprises waiting for me when it does arrive. I already know what the prices are, the McDavid tax for my seats was set at 8%. And I know what the package itself looks like, it's a replica of the golden ticket from the draft lottery. You remember the draft lottery, when we collectively lost our minds after finding out that the Oilers would be getting Connor McDavid.

But as good as that moment was - I know I'll always remember where I was when it happened - I can't help but scratch my head a little at the Oilers decision to commemorate in the package sent to season ticket holders. After all Oilers season ticket holders are a group that, for better or worse, has stood by the Oilers over the last decade, handing over large sums of money year after year to watch a subpar (and that's a generous description) hockey team. Do you really want to remind them of that time that the franchise got very lucky after another terrible season?

"Hey, remember last year when you paid us a lot of money to watch a terrible hockey team and then we got unbelievably lucky and won the lottery? Yeah, those were some good times. And now we can charge you a whole lot more money. But don't think about that, or the nearly decade of failure that preceded it, just keep thinking of that draft lottery win. Good times. Good, good times."

Of course, from what I've seen on Twitter it seems to have been very well received, so maybe I'm just a big jerk who doesn't like fun.