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Changes at the Copper & Blue

Same dedication to pessimism will be maintained.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't a post that I expected to have to write. With something this big, this important, I just sort of assumed that Peter Chiarelli would have mentioned this yesterday when he had all of Edmonton's sports media assembled to introduce Todd McLellan as the newest coach of the Edmonton Oilers. After all this is as big of an announcement, if not bigger. But Mr. Chiarelli dropped the ball and forgot to bring it up, so I guess I'll have to do it myself.

As of yesterday, Derek Zona is no longer the Managing Editor of this site, he's passed that torch to me. Like the Oilers, we never really get rid of anyone though, so you can expect to see the occasional post from Derek since he's going to stay around as a contributor.

You only need to look at Derek's profile to know how big on an impact he's had on this site and the community that's been built here. Over 2,500 posts and not one of those was written at a time when the Oilers had a team worth getting really excited about, at least not excited in a good way. That's a monumental feat, plain and simple. I know that I've learned a lot reading Derek's posts and have really enjoyed writing on the same site as him since he recruited me in February of 2011.

Thanks for all you've done, Derek.