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Where's MacT?

Where is Craig MacTavish hiding?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Nicholson brought his own old boys club to the Edmonton Oilers and sent Kevin Lowe back to the world of kissing babies and accepting congratulations for accomplishments a generation old.

But where is Number Two?

Is he scouting for the Anaheim Ducks like Steve Tambellini?  Is he running a Premier League soccer club like Ralph Krueger?  Did he take over the Blue Jackets like Number Three Scott Howson? Did he get a job at Hockey Canada like all of Lowe's comrades?  Is he hiding out in Dallas Eakins' rec room?  Did he become the official head of Nikita Nikitin's fan club?

Or is he snapping pictures of Kevin Lowe kissing babies?

Look in the gold rush below and see if you can find where MacT is hiding.

Click here for the full-sized image or simply click the picture below.

Did you find him? Well then, you're visually better than most!