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Game Thread: Flames @ Oilers - First Blood

The Flames are in town for this season's final edition of the Battle of Alberta.

Scott Gries/Getty Images

As I sit here in the basement of my childhood home, watching the climax of Rambo: First Blood Part II with my father, I find myself gearing up for the 78th game of this Oilers season. Will they win? Will they lose? The result of tonight's tilt is of little consequence to the Oilers and their fans. The Coyotes and Sabres will almost certainly finish the season behind the Oilers, and we'll need a draft lottery miracle to grab one of the two generational talents available in this year's entry draft.

And to those who question my crippling apathy towards this team, my favourite team, my only team: they drew first blood, not me.

How to Tune in

The game gets going at 8:00 PM MT tonight on CBC.

What to Watch for from the Oilers

Former second round pick David Musil will make his big league debut tonight. Musil, who has been criticized in the past for issues with mobility and foot speed, has stuck around with the organization long enough to finally get his shot. It will be interesting to see if the big defender's stay-at-home ability outweighs the aforementioned concerns against a fast and tenacious Flames team.

What to Watch for from the Flames

From Matchsticks and Gasoline, there's a chance we see fourth overall pick Sam Bennett make his NHL debut tonight:

The air is sweet with hockey excitement every time this nearly eternal battle happens. The scent of failure is overwhelmed with the allure of upsets, goals, fights, and all those lovely facets of a game we hold dear to our hearts. We also have a potential chance of seeing young Sam Bennett make his Flames regular season debut. The excitement of this happening has coursed through the entire fan base. Pun intended: it's further ignited the playoff aspirations of this club and fans.

Final Thought