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Who Is Most Likely To Become The New Head Coach Of The Edmonton Oilers?

Who is your money on?

"I don't care what Todd McLellan said, he's not the coach yet!"
"I don't care what Todd McLellan said, he's not the coach yet!"
Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Courtesy of Bovada sportsbook:

Who will be the next Full Time Head Coach Of the Edmonton Oilers?
Todd McLellan 1/1
Todd Nelson 6/5
Mike Babcock 5/1
Dan Bylsma 9/1
Randy Carlyle 19/2
Pete DeBoer                             19/2
Paul MacLean                           19/2

Let me be the first to say: if they hire Randy Carlyle, just find a new sport to watch, there plenty of these new-fangled extreme sports on the air now.  If that's not your thing, take up a hobby -- I hear whittling is quite soothing.  If Carlyle's name crosses Bob Nicholson's lips other than, "Hell no, I'm not going to hire Randy Carlyle!" he should be fired.

While I'm nowhere near as confident in Todd Nelson's ability as Zach is, I can see why he's 2nd-favorite here, especially if McLellan is going to wait for the end of Worlds to decide, and why wouldn't he, there are going to be at least two or three more openings by then.

It is interesting that for the last few seasons, we've talked about scraping by and landing guys like Charlie Huddy, Jack Capuano, Kevin Dineen or Doug Jarvis and how much those targets change once Connor McDavid joins the discussion.