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Let's be honest, McDavid to Edmonton is not a good thing

Of all of the results of the NHL Draft Lottery, last night's outcome was the worst.

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Claus Andersen/Getty Images

I wrote this a few weeks ago:

"Edmonton needs to learn how to build a hockey team to win. If Lowe & Katz get their paws on McDavid there is absolutely no justice in this world.

Please hockey gods don’t send another phenomenal young talent into this purgatory nightmare. Destroy this Soddom & Gammorah of a franchise, and as MacT turns to look back on its ashes turn him into a pillar of salt."

I was thrilled last night about McDavid. But this morning after the aura of my one night stand with Oilers excitement has worn off, I feel obligated to revert to my previous opinion.

This Oilers' draft luck is not good for hockey & it's not good for Edmonton. McDavid to Edmonton was the worst financial scenario for the league. And it dooms us to another decade of immoral ownership and irresponsible management.

For crying out loud we're getting the star player from the team that our owner was using to defraud our city of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The draft lottery should be even odds for all teams playoffs or not. A completely random distribution across all teams.

Or if they insist on a weighted distribution of odds, why not a Gaussian distribution that favors average teams?