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Your Second Chance Predict The Final Score Winner Is...

Like the also-ran Oilers, these guys were out of it when kids were trick-or-treating.

Oh my god - do you know I fit on the horse from the knight's castle?!?!
Oh my god - do you know I fit on the horse from the knight's castle?!?!
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

So many of you guys were out of the Predict and Win contest so early that we took pity on you.  We gave you a second chance to win something, but we made the prize the most Oilersish prize possible.  From the announcement post:

Television ratings have collapsed.  Rexall place is half-empty.  The Oilers General Manager is talking about greatness being just around the corner.  Again.

The season has once again turned into a masochistic adventure and fans can't wait for the Oilers to hit the golf course.  The Oilers have no chance at the playoffs and most of you have no chance at the Predict and Win contest.

So in order to give the Oilers of this contest a chance, a chance, we're running a second contest simultaneously through the final 10 games.  No new entries are required, just submit your entry and we will tally the last 10 games separately, making everyone eligible for the booby prize pack.

About that prize pack:

The winner of the Second Chance Contest will receive three minifigures from OYO Sports - Andrew Ference, Nikita Nikitin and Justin SchultzFrom OYO:

Each collectible minifigure comes complete with Oilers uniform, jersey, skates, puck, player accurate stick orientation, helmet with Oilers logo and a removable visor or shield.

The custom OYO stand is great for displaying your Andrew Ference in his skates and connects to all building bricks.

So who made good with their second chance?  Well, it was a tie.  TakeoutArtist and zatch12 both averaged a point per game down the stretch to win the prizes.

TakeoutArtist 10
zatch12 10
BigB_09 8
justin_watkins 7
Logan E. 7
Ken.Price 7

Zatch went big - twice predicting the final score exactly to get his ten points, while TakeoutArtist took the tortoise route - grabbing points in four games to get his 10 points.  Though, it's probably worth noting that TakeoutArtist had points in 31 games during the 82 game contest - 3 more than any other entrant.  Unfortunately, his strong possession game ran into better goaltending.

So what do Zatch and TakeoutArtist win?  The polished optics of Craig MacTavish's eyes:

Prize Pack

$11.4 million in defensemen sounds about right...