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Game Thread: Oilers @ Canucks - Kill 'Em Dead

In their final game of the 2014-2015 NHL season, the Oilers play the Canucks on the west coast.

Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Canucks can clinch home ice advantage for their playoff run—and that's about all that's at stake in the final game for both teams this seasons. It's all been said and done for the Oilers for some time now, as we, the Copper and Blue faithful, have been twiddling our aching thumbs, waiting for this nightmare to be over so we can wake up and start speculating about how this perennial failure of a team might turn things around next October.

So here's to hoping the Oilers go out with a bang. Kill those Canucks dead on home ice tonight, you sweet princes of nothing.

How to Tune in

This thing takes off at 8:00 PM MT on CBC.

What to Watch for from the Oilers

Any and all signs of life.

What to Watch for from the Canucks

From Nucks Misonduct, this fan base loves a good goalie controversy:

As for tonight, we get to kickstart the 'Canucks Goaltending Controversy' into full stupid mode with Ryan Miller getting the start. Miller has to play tonight, no matter what. He needs to get game time in. We will see how this all plays out, but here's how I see it:Eddie Lack has been pretty damn good in replacement for Miller during his injury, so you start him in Game 1. You give him a short leash, and if he falters, you go to Miller. Simple. No need for hyperbole, immature name calling, or the other related BS that this fan base seems to revel in.

Final Thought