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Oilers at Avalanche: Eyes On The Out-Of-Town Scoreboard

When you don't control your own destiny, all eyes dart upwards.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

All eyes are fixated on the Grand Canyon State as the Arizona Coyotes face off against the Buffalo Sabres. The Oilers are still positioned to finish 29th and nab one of the two franchise-changing forwards available in the draft. To do that, however, the Oilers need a win from Arizona, a team who went full monty at the trade deadline and is 2-8 in their last ten.

The Oilers, meanwhile are 4-6 in their last ten, but on a two-game winning streak, spurred by the return of Taylor Hall, even though the team is running out the ghost of Jason Strudwick and Cory Cross' personal chef on defense.

The Avs sit in no-man's land, adrift while waiting on their own rebuild, diverted from the end-game by a management team that was fooled by randomness. Some day these teams will hire sharp people.

How to Tune In

The game gets going at 7:00 PM MT on Sportsnet.

What to Watch for From the Oilers

Richard Bachman goes again in net, and if history holds, he's going to go on a heater in the last 6 games, get a two-year contract and enjoy his off-season as the savior.

Andrew Ference and Mark Fayne are still out and Nikita Nikitin now has a "bone bruise" which in Edmonton could be anything from shingles to entropy.

What to Watch for From the Avalanche

Hope is a dangerous thing:

While unlikely, if the Avs can win out, it would put them at 96 points, a total that typically makes the playoffs. In order to make the playoffs, the Avs would need the Jets to go 2-3-1 in their final six as well as have the Stars lose at least one game and have either Calgary or LA to win no more than three of their final six and seven respectively. It's a tall order. But maybe just maybe it could happen.

Final Thought

Somewhere in a parallel universe, Kevin Lowe stayed in New York after he retired.