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Game 64 - Kings @ Oilers Preview

Let the good times roll. Let them knock you around.

Marian Gaborik has been held without a point in his last four games
Marian Gaborik has been held without a point in his last four games
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

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29-21-12, 70 points, 1.13 p/g Ranks 18-34-10, 46 points, .73 p/g
Western Conference - 9th Western Conference -14th
17th P/G 29th
10th ST 27th
9th ES 28th
9th Goal 27th
7:30 PM MST - SNW
Rexall Place
The opposing view Jewels From The Crown

Incompetence™.  We've Got It In Spades

I'm not wild about the return for Jeff Petry, although I can't say as I'm in the least bit surprised.  Pending UFA defenceman gets dealt to Montréal for a second round pick.  You know who else was a second round pick?  Jeff Petry.  You know who played 295 career games for the Oilers as a second round pick?  Jeff Petry.  You know what the likelihood of a second round pick playing 295 career games is?  Not very.

Did the Oilers improve yesterday?  They let their best defenceman walk for peanuts.  No.

Then, there was that trailer wreck of an interview with MacTavish who says he feels pretty good about our core defence next year.  I've heard some real goofball shit since following this club, but man, this club's defence sucks.  And MacTavish is either outright lying to pull the wool over everyone (please let it be this) or he genuinely, really believes that this team is turning some non-existent corner.  I'm utterly speechless at that thought.

There's a hockey game today.

The Oilers are saying

"As well as Jeff played all year, we can't lose sight of the big picture here, we can't lose sight of the fact that we're the 29th team in the league, and we have to handle our assets appropriately"

That's Oilers GM Craig MacTavish telling everyone to put their boots on during yesterday's post trade deadline media scrum.

I'm starting for the first time to wonder if any of this ever turns around.   Asset management?  You've got a good hockey player in Jeff Petry and turn him into a second round pick?  The hell?

The Opponent is saying

"You always expect to be part of a team that you're on, and this was no different than any trade deadline"

That's Kings forward Justin Williams on the trade deadline.

The Kings were mum for the trade deadline, making zero moves.  They're in a precarious spot in the standings next to Calgary, but they're outside looking in.  Calgary will need a miracle to see the second season after Mark Giordano has been ruled out for the remainder of the season after getting surgery on a torn biceps muscle.

Have some of this
  • Oh come on, he's not coming back.  This is quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever read in my life.  I've read some stupid things, too.
  • I literally have nothing to counter this.
  • Ben Scrivens (12-20-7, .898 SV%) should get the start for Team Oil Drop.  I mean, I think he's getting the start.  There's nothing that will preclude us from waying back to Dwayne Roloson in the situation is right in the next five hours.  I've got Jonathan Quick (25-17-10, .914) for Los Angeles.
  • Oilers play the Kings twice after tonight, which seems like a lot over the next 19 games.  I had the Oilers down for five more wins over the remainder of the season, which would give them something like 58-63 points depending on how many Bettman points they walk away with.  The Sabres and Coyotes look to be front-runners in the McEichel sweeps, so let's all go out and have as much fun as we possibly can for the remainder of this season.  We'll go into the draft lottery picking high again, the team will overpay for goon and sign him to a two year deal, we'll ignore the glaring holes at centre, and everything will be just...just great.  Craig's on it.
  • Beer me.