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Game Thread: Blue Jackets @ Oilers - Niki's Back

Nikita Nikitin makes his return to the Oilers lineup tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers' 4-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday put them in an unfortunate tie with the Arizona Coyotes for second last in the league. If you've been reading these game threads (hello? anyone there?) then you know I'm an advocate of losing for McEichel. I just don't see any other worthwhile positive to takeaway from this season save for drafting the best generational talent to grace the juniors since Sidney Crosby, or another big centre one step below him in Jack Eichel. For that reason, every Oilers win coming down the stretch truly rubs me the wrong way.

How to Tune In

The game gets going at 8:00 PM MT on Sportsnet Oilers.

What to Watch for From the Oilers

As the title suggests and many of you may already know, Nikitin will return to the lineup tonight in lieu of Keith Aulie. The former Blue Jacket has been a raging tire fire on the ice all season, and something has me doubting his brief stint on the IR has done anything to remedy that. He'll be under the microscope at Rexall tonight.

What to Watch for From the Blue Jackets

It seems tank talk is infectious in this season of seasons, as our friends at The Cannon have joined the conversation:

First off, just know that the headline and blurb below the photo above are tongue in cheek just a bit. I don't honestly think the team "tries" to lose when they're playing. I would never try to imply that. Just to be clear and all...

Not much to say about this one. Two bad teams, playing out the string. And it's on very, very late here.

Final Thought

With very little worth talking about in Oil Country this March, here's a piping hot take from McScoop on twitter.