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Game Thread: Oilers @ Blue Jackets - In a Hole

The Oilers dug themselves into a hole they couldn't get out of last night against the Penguins. Are they still stuck heading to Columbus?

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The Oilers are in full tank mode, going 2-7-1 in their last ten, with the coaching staff making questionable line up decisions to further cement this fact. The Blue Jackets are miles out of a playoff spot, but on the other hand, have been up to snuff as of late, winning three of their last four games.

How to Tune in

The game gets going at 5:00 PM MT on Sportsnet Oilers

What to Watch for From the Oilers

The Oilers were leaking like a sieve in the early goings of last night's tilt against the Penguins, allowing three goals in the first twenty and another quick one to start the second. With a little help from score effects, they rallied back to score four on the home team, but still wound up with a 6-4 loss. Digging yourself into a very deep hole to start a game is textbook tanking, so we will have to see if the pattern repeats itself tonight in the second game of Edmonton's back-to-back.

What to Watch for From the Blue Jackets

The Jackets will also be playing their second game in two nights. From our friends at The Cannon, they're suffering a little uncertainty in their line up due to illness:

We do know a couple of things, and that's that Ryan Murray will play, as will Sergei Bobrovsky. Brandon Dubinsky will be a game-time decision. Whatever illness has been sweeping through the dressing room seems to knock guys out for a good three to give days. Nick Foligno didn't play on Tuesday, was back last night, though he admitted he was still not quite right. Fedor Tyutin was a bit off for several days, but looked to be back close to 100% last night. Here's hoping Dubi is feeling better, regardless of whether or not he plays tonight.

Final Thought

We've got a spot for you, Jumbo Joe. We also have a GM who never seems to say enough.