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Craig MacTavish Really Likes The Job He's Done

Craig MacTavish is really impressed with Craig MacTavish

"Heckuva job, MacT"
"Heckuva job, MacT"

Craig MacTavish took to the radio waves in Edmonton yesterday to give his take on the state of the Oilers while being lobbed softball questions by noted team employee Bob Stauffer.  The interview was mostly uninteresting, and I'm annoyed I even listened to it (I blame GCW_69 for making me listen) but there was a choice sequence about the team's improvement under Todd Nelson in which MacTavish took special care to pump his own tires after being asked about the job Todd Nelson has done thus far:

"We’re not making the same amount of mistakes game in and game out. That doesn’t have as much to do about coaching as it does about personnel. Some of the personnel changes have had a real positive effect on the team. We don’t make as many mistakes."

If you don't say so yourself.

I was chatting with Alan the other day and said "And they threw away October and November, again, for no reason other than ego..."  Speaking of ego:

"As much as I feel Todd has done a good job, I feel the personnel is better than at any other time it’s been this year."

Great job getting the personnel in place to be a point per game team by February.  Shooting for Christmas next year, then?