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A Game for the Ages

Oilers' lose a nail biter to the Senators

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

The mighty Ottawa Senators entered tonight’s game riding an impressive 53-0-0 record; rolling over every team they have faced so far this season. Today they faced their biggest challenge so far this season. They would be going up against a team that boasted 3 first overall picks, one of the grittiest captains in the NHL and a goalie that makes the greats from the 1970’s look like peewee players. It was bound to be a battle royal.

This clash of Titans was something to behold. End to end action! Magnificent saves! And spectacular goals! Words do not give it justice. You would have had to see it for yourself to understand the glory.


A Break From the Norm

Usually at this point in the post I’ll give some play by play. Today is going to be a bit different. My wife had to work so I couldn’t watch the game until after 5PM since both of my son’s were up and trying to pay attention to anything with them around is next to impossible.

By the time I got to watch the game I already knew what the score was going to be and trying to watch this game with any interest was agonizing. I tried to capture some of the data but lost complete interest as soon as Milan Michalek scored that first goal. How nobody even tried to follow the puck, including Viktor Fasth, is beyond me. I watched the rest of the game but knew it was going to be hard.

How a team that isn’t in the top 10 let alone the top 20 of the league is able to score 7 goals against a team that was only 11 points behind them is beyond me. This was probably the Oilers’ worst showing of the year. It’s ammusing how in the span of 1 road trip we’ve witnessed the best and the worst of this Oilers’ team.

All I can say is that I’m glad I didn’t realize this game was on at noon today. I got have a great day with my sons and enjoy the time with them.

Up Next

Well this road trip is coming to an end and before you know it the Oilers will be back at Rexal ready to disappoint their home-town fans. But before that happens they have one last stop as they head to Winnipeg to take on the Jets on Monday night. The game starts at 6PM Edmonton time if you really want to tune in.

One Last Thought

For lunch I took my sons to McDonald’s. The Oilers game just so happened to be on and there were a couple of Oilers fans sitting just behind us (I live just outside Calgary so Oilers fans aren’t as common). This was a snippet of their conversation:

My jaw dropped. I always thought that these types of conversations were reserved for Twitter because of the anonymity. I guess I was wrong Oilers Fans really do Deserve the Oilers.