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Who is Jeff Petry?

What will a team like the Red Wings get when they trade for Jeff Petry?

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Petry's impending trade has hung over the Oilers' 2014-15 season like an ominous fog, to the point where any defensive call-up touches off alarm here at C&B HQ.

Nearly every team in the league is in need of a puck-moving right-handed defenseman who can eat minutes at the top of the lineup, but there are three teams that have seemed like an ideal fit as a trading partner for Edmonton since October:  the Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings and San Jose Sharks.

SB Nation's Red Wings site, Winging it in Motown, asked for a scouting report on Petry, given that the blueliner seems like a prototypical Ken Holland acquisition.  Petry's skillset and value varies widely depending on the type of Oilers fan you are, and rather than expand on that and risk insulting the reader, we thought we'd throw it out to the readership for your breakdown on Jeff Petry and your approximation of his trade value in the coming weeks.

Who is that masked man?  Have at it in the comments:  list Petry's pros and cons, his skills and blemishes and the price you believe he will fetch on the trade market.