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Game Thread: Oilers vs Sharks

The Sharks are in town as the Oilers look to win a season high fourth straight game.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There's been a weird feeling in Edmonton over the last couple days, perhaps you noticed it. It took me a while to put my finger on what exactly was the cause but I finally figured it out, it was playoffs talk. Not because the Oilers were a lock to make the playoffs but because they were only three points (now four) out of a playoff spot after 28 games. In Edmonton we call this progress. Of course making the playoffs is still a long shot. If it going to happen the Oilers will have to be very good against the Pacific Division, and especially the San Jose Sharks, for the rest of the season. But long shot or not, there's a chance.

And speaking of the Sharks, they're in town tonight to take on the Oilers who are looking to win four straight games for the first time all season. This might not be the first game that Todd McLellan circled when he saw the schedule this season, that was probably the Oilers first visit to San Jose, but this is likely still one that means a little more to him than a game against Buffalo would, for example. He's said all the right thing of course but I don't know that anyone actually believes him though. Beating the team that let you go is something any coach would want, and it's something I'm sure that his players want to do for him tonight.