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Eichel Scores First - Oilers Finish Strong

Oilers beat Buffalo 4-2

Luke Gazdic is teeing up for his goal
Luke Gazdic is teeing up for his goal
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers haven’t played a game so well since November 20th when they took on the New Jersey Devils and beat them 5-1. The game started out slow and the Oilers allowed Jack Eichel to score the first goal of the game but aftet that point the Oilers took over.


The Good

With the exception of the third line and top defensive pairing, every single Oilers player was over 50% in their corsi for percentage. This was easiest the best possession game for the team and almost every line bennefited from the poor play by the Buffalo Sabres.

The Bad

Once again the Oilers allowed some good chances against early on in the game. One of those chances ended up in a goal against and forced the Oilers to play a bit of catch up.

The Ugly

There wasn’t anything that really stood out as ugly against the Oilers. The closest thing had to be Lucky Luke Gazdic’s goal. Bruce McMcCurdy put it best in this tweet.

I think that goal deserves one more look.

Up Next

Todd McLellan’s old team comes for a visit to Edmonton. The San Jose Sharks will be here Wednesday, the game starts at 7:30 MT. A win could possibly move the the Oilers into a tie for fifth in the pacific. See you then.