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Game Thread: Oilers vs Sabres

Tonight was supposed to be a matchup of the top two draft picks. Now it's just an Oilers/Sabres game.

Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

When the schedule was released in July this was a game I looked for right away. A game against the Buffalo Sabres. Even now it seems crazy. The reason is obvious, a chance to see the two top picks from last summer's draft go head to head. And now, with Connor McDavid on he sidelines recovering from a broken collar bone, this is really just a game against the Buffalo Sabres. Sure Jack Eichel is still playing but it's just not the same.

The Oilers will be looking to extend their winning streak to three games tonight. Yes, two games is a winning streak. Not much of one but in Edmonton we take what we can get. Friday's win over the Dallas Stars was almost entirely the result of great goaltending, still though, the rest of the team didn't play a bad game, the Stars are just a very good team. The Sabres are by no means the Stars. Will tonight be a letdown, the winnable game that the Oilers never seem to win, or will the Oilers send their fans home happy for the third straight game?