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Points Stollen

Anders Nilsson steals two points for the Oilers in a 2-1 OT win over Dallas

Nilsson stop a shot by Seguin
Nilsson stop a shot by Seguin
Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been almost two years since a goalie stole a game for the Oilers. The last time it happened was when Ben Scrivens faced 59 shots in a shutout win against the San Jose Sharks. Tonight the story of the game was Anders Nilsson who turned a potential slaughter by the Dallas Stars into a win for the Oilers.


The Good

This one is obvious. This game would’ve been a complete mess if it wasn’t for some of the saves made by Nilsson. There was no single player that impacted this game as much as he did. He made the big saves early in the game and if those saves didn’t happen this would’ve been a different game.

The Bad

Last game it was Ryan Nugent-Hopkins today, up until the overtime winning goal, it was Jordan Eberle. He was over thinking things, taking an extra step when he didn’t need to. Like you hear all the time, he was gripping his stick too hard and watching him play it literally looked like that. The biggest difference with the last goal was that playing 3 on 3, Eberle had to think quick and do what he does best. It wasn’t like the rest of the game where he was afraid to make a move. Hopefully with this monkey off of his back he return to the player we all know.

The Ugly

Possession or a lack there of was the other story of the game. There was not a single Oilers player that had a corsi for percentage better than 50%. Only 6 players had more than 50% offensive zone starts and the power play was just horrid. Watching the game was tough even if the Oilers won.

Up Next

After all of the hype it’s finally here McDavid Leon Draisaitl vs Jack Eichel. Ok so maybe it isn’t as big of a deal as McDavid vs Eichel but even that was a bit of a strech to begin with as well. Eichel is good but he is no Connor McDavid the only thing Eichel has on McDavid is that he is playing hockey right now and McDavid isn’t. Of course because the game was such a big deal it’s scheduled for Sunday at 6PM MT. So see you then.