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Game Thread: Oilers at Vancouver - Welcome Back From The Christmas Break

The Oilers get back in action on the road against the Canucks.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully your Christmas was a good one and all of the presents that you really wanted were found under the tree. For the Oilers that almost certainly wasn't the case. With a defence that's still missing both Oscar Klefbom and Brandon Davidson the Oilers will once again be sending six defencemen over the boards who would arguably be the worst defence in the league, and if not the worst they'd be easily in the bottom three. There's no way that this is what Peter Chiarelli asked for when he sat down on Santa's knee before the Christmas break. I guess we know now that the Oilers were on Santa's naughty list in 2015.

It'll be Cam Talbot between the pipes for the Oielrs agin tonight. After going more than two weeks between starts earlier in December, the Oilers preseason number one goalie seems to have grabbed the number one job back from Anders Nilsson; it's amazing what a couple good games for one and a couple bad games for the other can do. In his last start, Monday night agains the Jets, Talbot was the only reason that the Oilers were even close, that they came away with a win was a borderline miracle. Looking at the defence that'll be playing in front of him tonight it's possible, maybe likely, that he'll have to be that good again tonight.